Analytics voted top factor that will reshape CX industry, for 3rd year running

Matthew Saskin

Managing Principal Consultant, Customer Experience (CX) Americas, Dimension Data

As head of contact centre and CX services in the Americas, Matthew’s team aims to improve CX through the strategies they develop for contact centres.

Analytics, more so than any other practice, seems fraught with indecision as a result of perceived complexity.


Matthew Saskin
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Without some form of analytics capabilities, it’s just a sea of data from which organisations can’t derive any meaning. The tools exist to liberate and inform CX propositions. Knowledge is power, and the information available must be capitalised on.

Analytics has again been voted as the top factor that will change the customer experience industry. Yet, many organisations only look at superficial data to determine how to make improvements in service offerings. Without a strong practice focused on collection and analytics of data, it’s impossible for an organisation to deliver personalised experiences to customers.

Also, without centralised sources of data, analytics can be difficult. Data management and systems integration are major challenges to implementing analytics, as well as a lack of communication within the organisation to drive customer experience improvements.

Take a closer look at the numbers

Making it personal


can offer a form or personalisation via Telephone


can offer a form of personalisation via Assisted-service channels


can offer a form of personalisation via Automated-service channels

Understanding the customer journey

57.8% agree analytics will help improve the customer journey

Yet 64.0% 
have no big data analysis capability that combines data from all channels

...more about the journey

And just 28.3% can track a customer journey that spans multiple channels

Only 24.3% can locate problem hot spots that impact CX

Using analytics to enhance CX

41.7% use analytics to customise CX

54.9% customise marketing campaigns based on user profile/analytics

Top challenges

Systems not integrated


Channels operated in silos


Inconsistent data across channels

Knowledge share is regressing, when it should be progressing


Will share customer intelligence data outside of their own operation


Have no formal systems in place to share information

For more information on these statistics and others see the global customer Experience (CX) Benchmark Report

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