Conscious journeys

They must be connected and understood.

We say: Connect – Relevant channels by design, and review.

Seamless, proactive, reactive, connected, automated and analysed. Omnichannel is a priority but the customer journey patterns need to be understood, designed and personalised.


can now track customer journeys in some form, of those 44% have automated processes available

Understanding user behaviours, patterns and transaction value potential across each channel path is crucial. Organisations are struggling to track customer journeys that now frequently start on one channel, hit a few more and end elsewhere. Choice is crucial, but so is the functionality and consistency of experience.

Most companies are prioritising omnichannel solutions, designed specifically to connect the customer journey. However, those systems will only flourish if they are designed on solid process, validated by analytics and have robust review mechanisms that help identify problem hotspots and customer frustration points. Silo management is affecting the effort, and organisations need to ensure they are structured to facilitate the omnichannel vision.

How do you measure up?

Benchmarking provides a vitally important reference point. It helps you gain insight into future trends, the ways in which your customers are likely to behave, and the performance levels you need to attain or aspire to. Attend a local event to personalise your results and get next steps. Register your interest here.

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