Organisations struggle between a strategic desire to evolve and a silo management operating model that hinders

Mithum Singh

General Manager: Operational Support, Merchants Limited, a Dimension Data subsidiary company

Mithum recently won the award and holds the prestigious title of Contact Centre World’s Workforce Management Professional of the Year. He has 17 years of contact centre experience across a range of industries.

CX is no longer a buzz word – it has finally become a strategic imperative for forward thinking businesses.


Mithum Singh
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Operating in an era of rapid digitalisation has left businesses to grapple with a multitude of legacy systems that were never designed to support the channels of today, whilst simultaneously trying to stay current with emerging technology.

Organisations struggle between a strategic desire to evolve and a silo management operating model that hinders digital and workforce optimisation. Efficiency levels are further challenged by the absence or inconsistent use of core support technologies (service efficiency systems are not being utilised to their full potential).

Although complexity levels are growing and cost pressures are returning, some organisations are operating without knowledge and workforce management systems. Agent analytics and a surge in e-learning techniques have emerged as 2017’s top optimisation priorities. Employee skills and experiences are now a premium. Yet, agent absenteeism is twice that of management, and has doubled since our first report 20 years ago. Emerging technologies are creating a platform for unprecedented efficiency opportunities – both in business and customer effort. However, resources will need new skills, and operating models need to be structured to support the re-shaped environment.

Take a look at the numbers

Service efficiency systems are under-utilised


Complexity levels are growing
Yet 31.5% operate without knowledge management systems


Cost pressures are returning
Yet 41.3% operate without workforce management technology


CX is top strategic indicator of operational performance
Yet 22.4% operate without performance management solutions

Operating models evolve

of agents dedicated to telephone, versus 68.3% in 2016

of agents supporting assisted-digital interactions, versus 31.7% in 2016

of agents are multiskilled across contact/skill types

How to accommodate the evolving workforce?

Are adapting to meet the needs of next-generation millennial workforce


Over half are open to flexible working arrangements


Are modifying management techniques

For more information on these statistics and others see the global customer Experience (CX) Benchmark Report

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