CX is crucial – 70.9% of boardrooms recognise CX as their most important strategic performance measure

Robert Allman

Group Senior Vice President, CX and Collaboration, Dimension Data

Robert is motivated to drive CX innovation and best practices within the contact centre environment and beyond. He joined Dimension Data in 1994, and has more than 20 years of experience in contact centres and ICT.

Pioneers of the digital age have reimagined business models and processes that have changed customer behaviour forever.


Robert Allman
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44.3% of organisations think CX is all too difficult. It’s all about aspirational strategic intent versus competing operational capabilities and execution. Strategic line of sight through the organisation is required. However, transformation is recognised, understood and executed by few organisations.

CX is crucial to organisational strategy. Why? CX is proven to increase customer loyalty, commercial performance and employee engagement. CX enables transformation. It’s recognised as a market differentiator for most. Organisations and customers alike are embracing digital capability, yet the transformation and challenge to provide great CX is becoming more complicated.

Disparate systems are a challenge, and disparate management are a threat. Omnichannel solutions are deemed critical, yet most organisations struggle to optimise their strategy for digital, if it even exists. It’s causing CX to become disjointed. CX transformation needs a strategy. Connected CX journeys need design. Robotics is a reality and the speed of change means future proofing your technology, and your approach to on the human touch.

Take a closer look at the numbers

Disparate management is a threat to CX strategies


of channels are managed in silos


have no consistency in how channels are configured


think it’s all too difficult

CX is transforming

Top factors enabling positive change  during the last 5 years:

1. Access to new technology (e.g. cloud solutions)

2. Analytics and business intelligence

3. CX-led strategies

4. Operating models/multiskilling

5. Digital

Future strategy – CX services evolve

1. Virtual Assistant (Chat bots): from 13.3% to 46.0%

2. Chat (Instant messaging): from 52.4% to 84.7%

3. Proactive automation: from 33.7% to 65.6%

4. Mobile apps: from 56.2% to 82.7%

Providing ‘great’ CX gets more complicated

have all channels connected


have most channels connected


have a few channels connected, with 23.9% have no channels connected

Strategies for digital business are not delivering






Being developed/
No Strategy

For more information on these statistics and others see the global customer Experience (CX) Benchmark Report

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