Technology was the No. 1 enabler to positively transform CX services in the last five years

Siegfried Schallenmueller

General Manager Customer Experience (CX) Europe, Dimension Data

As head of Dimension Data’s European CX business, and with more than 20 years of experience, Siegfried is an expert at integrating IoT and CX platforms with end-to-end business processes.

IT is back on the main stage and more connected to business needs than ever before.


Siegfried Schallenmueller
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Personalisation and proactive automation provide a tremendous opportunity to achieving more individual engagement with clients. However, for it to be effective, you need to source and then use the appropriate data.

Technology was voted as the number one enabler to positively transform CX services in the last five years. Yet, over a quarter of organisations say that their technology systems are failing to meet their current needs. Omnichannel solutions that integrate enterprise systems and connect customer journeys is the top technology trend for 2017, but nearly seven in 10 organisations currently have none, or very few, channels connected. The ability to customise has emerged as a new top focus, and analytics is cited as the top factor to reshape CX in the next five years.

Cloud continues to grow as a model in public, private and hybrid forms. Over eight in 10 existing users say cloud has provided access to new functionality, with future proofing a key benefit. Significantly, three quarters of users also say cloud enables omnichannel capability via integrated platforms. Robotics will add to the dilemma, and technology strategies need to evolve and become agile in connecting growing enterprise requirements. Thinking of CX technology as a connected element in a holistic enterprise IT eco-system and overcoming traditional work splits between business and IT adopting new concepts as swarming, will be key for success.

Take a closer look at the numbers

Technology systems fall short of business needs


say digital systems fall short of current needs


Over 2 in 5 analytic systems are not meeting existing requirements


say technology will fail to meet future needs

2017’s top technology trends

1. Omnichannel – integration of technologies

2. Digital business transformation

3. Data analytics

4. Cloud technology solutions

The ability to customise emerges as a new challenge; robotics appears on the horizon.

Top technology challenges

1. Legacy systems inhibit flexibility/progress

2. Integrating multiple technology systems

3. Securing budget/costs

Over half of all operations are affected by 3 core factors hindering CX technology capability

Technology teams need to collaborate more closely with CX operations

Less than half of operations are fully involved in design of technology systems

have no involvement at all in approving new technology; a further 

are only partially involved

How many channels are covered by omnichannel (connected customer journey) strategy?


Currently have no, or very few, channels connected.


Aim to have all or most channels connected within 2 years.

For more information on these statistics and others see the global customer Experience (CX) Benchmark Report

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