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Introduction Tinnitus, and Cure for Tinnitus

Tinnitus is sounds in the head and ear, when there is no external noise. This often occurs with any type of hearing loss, and is thought to be due to misinterpretation of signals in the central auditory pathway of the brain.

These days there is a lot that can be done to cure tinnitus.

Once tinnitus was masked by white noise machines, but now there is a whole lot more that can be done to help the sufferer.

Tinnitus Treatments

As well ringing in the ears tinnitus can sometimes cause nausea and dizziness, this is because the balance in the inner ear is effected and in severe cases the person suffering tinnitus can lose balance and fall over.

This is both inconvenient and dangerous, and the condition requires treatment.

Sonus Complete is a supplement used to treat tinnitus and it works by supercharging your brain health. In the past there have been many treatments tried, but so far this is the most evidence based effective treatment.

Many people have attested to the success of the supplement and say that the noises in their head have been quietened after a course of the treatment.

Interestingly they also say that their memory is much better with greater clarity. The hearing also has improved through taking this natural supplement which increases blood supply to the area.

Cure For Tinnitus
Cure For Tinnitus

Causes of Tinnitus

Tinnitus is basically a condition of aging or ear injury and in some cases circulatory disorder. It is not viewed as a serious disease, but for those suffering from the dizziness it can be a debilitating disorder.

If you have worked with loud noise for years and years you are very likely to develop tinnitus, noise is now a Work Health and Safety issue and personal protective equipment to protect the worker must be provided, this is written in WH&S laws.

Once hearing is lost it does not return, so noise is viewed as a serious risk. The other cause is Ear bone changes, stiffening of the bones in the ear otosclerosis. The bone tends to grow abnormally and may require surgery.

The otosclerosis causes the dizziness and this can be treated. Cure For Tinnitus is very much possible with right kind of Tinnitus Treatments.

Cure for Tinnitus

  •  Don’t expose yourself to high noise level, this includes really loud music, being in a band can cause tinnitus later in life. Long exposure to noise above 85 decibels can lead to permanent hearing damage.
  •  If you are concerned about damage to your hearing ask your Doctor to be referred to a hearing clinic for further testing.
  •  If you have any ringing or buzzing in the ears try a course of Sonus Complete to settle your hearing down and increase circulation in the inner ears.
  •  If there is any dizziness present ask to be referred for further testing, you may need surgery to correct the bone in the middle ear ( otoplasty).
  •  Sometimes Tinnitus is associated with higher levels of stress, and often this can be worse in people who consider having Tinnitus very stressful. This is counter productive, so try to remain calm and use some ‘mindfulness’ or other relaxation therapies.

Understanding Tinnitus

It is important to commence Tinnitus Treatment as soon as it is diagnosed as this way you have a good chance of greater recovery.

The problem is usually gradual and progressive, so you will have the time to instigate the treatment. Your genetics can play a part in this type of disease and if your Father or Mother was deaf at 60 the chances are that you will be too.

A hearing aid is not always the solution and the treatment cannot be prescribed without a wide range of Audiometry and other tests being conducted.

If you are having bouts of dizziness causing loss of balance there is a treatment called Vestibular Rehabilitation a type of therapy may help you to improve your balance. Exercises are sometimes taught that you can do at home.

After doing the exercises, some people have said that they don’t get the vertigo and dizziness anymore.

Do the exercises along with taking the Sonus Complete supplement to speed up a cure. Cure For Tinnitus is very much possible with right kind of Tinnitus Treatments.

A cure for Tinnitus permanently

If people with Tinnitus start to work on the cure early enough they will find that they get better, but there is always the possibility of relapsing later on,

especially if a family history is involved.  It is never to early to worry about our hearing health, and this start in schools.

Children need to learn the implications of damaging their hearing with noise exposure, so that they don’t do it later on.

Another risk is surfing in very cold water can cause a form of otosclerosis which may later require surgery.

It is much more cost effective to have education programs in place to prevent the problem rather than dealing with the problem once it starts.

We are taught to look after our eyes, and hearing is equally important.

Work Health and Safety and a cure for Tinnitus

When we enter the workforce many of us will be working in quite noisy areas. Following the changes to the Work Health and Safety Act (2000) the onus is on the employer to make sure the employee is safe in every area of work.

During the Orientation you will be shown a video on how to protect your hearing, along with many other safety messages.

This is all great education and will make a big difference to workers understanding of how to protect their hearing.

If you are driving a ride on lawn mower you will certainly need your headphones and a safe operating procedure sheet, which lays out all the safety information.


Most of us will benefit from all the ongoing Education we receive now and hopefully will reach old age with our hearing intact.

In the past years at least 50% of old people seemed to wear hearing aids, and often they still couldn’t hear which is really sad when so much can now be done.

So it is possible to cure Tinnitus, but it is much better never to get it in the beginning. Cure For Tinnitus is very much possible with right kind of Tinnitus Treatments.

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