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Home Solar System : Orlando Carpenter Saves $975 a Year On Power.

Power bills these days are not that cheap. That’s true, regardless of where you live on this planet. Hence, the concern of high electricity bills has been a big and regular problem for everyone. Do you have that same problem? If your answer is yes, then did you know you could easily install and operate a DIY home solar system, which helps you lessen your electricity expenses?

DIY Home Solar System

This is where Backyard Revolution comes to the rescue. This program helps you cut your power bills by at least sixty to sixty-five percent. What’s more, it also assures continuous electricity.

In case you didn’t know yet, the alternative energy project is part of the solar program that a 42-year old previous engineer and carpenter kicked off. The creator put his know-how and experience into practice when he constructed a home solar system that stands out from the crowd.

Allow this review to present to you everything you need to know about Backyard Revolution, its benefits, and the important facts you should keep in mind. Now, are you ready? Without further ado, let’s get started!

What exactly is Backyard Revolution?

The Backyard Revolution is a program that will present you how to create a device, which supplies unlimited green alternative energy, allowing you to save at least sixty-five percent on your energy bills monthly. The system was designed by Zack Bennett, a carpenter from Orlando.

According to their official website, a home theft during a power outage motivated Bennett to protect himself in the event of potential power outages. Bennett desired to have something in place, which would operate when the public power grid was out.

He then realized that home solar system is the perfect option to go, making sure he would have an exclusive power source for his residence. The only concern is that Bennett had a 500-square feet yard, and standard solar panels are installed in a much bigger space.

home solar system

Bennett then discovered a research conducted by MIT. The organization utilized a 3D solar energy device and went up in a narrow tower instead of extending out in a wide panel. He utilized his study and carpentry abilities and performed home energy audit to create his platform for energy cells, encompassing ten square feet.

It was the model for his Backyard Revolution system. The device could be transported and relocated to any area of the yard to determine where it’s most efficient. Bennett claimed that he saved at least sixty percent of his energy expenses after he mastered his invention.

How does Backyard Revolution work?

Keep in mind that the program is composed of an online video tutorial. It will walk you through the detailed steps on how you can create and set up the home solar system in just four hours. You can install it in any area of your home after building it.

If at all possible, the solar panel should be installed outside. It must be set up in a place where it could make direct contact with the sun. Usually, users will install it within their gardens. The light mirror has minimal or no effect on the system, given that the panels align with the sun.

Technically speaking, it small towers and tubes, which are designed to contain solar cells in a 3D setup. The MIT report claims it can generate alternative energy that is twenty times more than the average solar modules. Hence, you can easily make and set up Backyard Revolution’s home solar system for residential purposes. The entire procedure is very simple and utilizes a clean source of energy.

home energy audit

Remember that it’s created with vertical surfaces. Therefore, it can absorb a substantial quantity of solar energy. This 3D solar technology enables you to obtain seamless efficiency. On top of that, the comprehensive discussion of the process is presented in the video tutorial.

It’s no doubt that Backyard Revolution aims to transform power consumption and generation across the planet.

Pros and Cons of Backyard Revolution

In this section, we will dissect the good side and the bad side of the Backyard Revolution.


  • It provides clean and renewable electricity

This is one of the major benefits of the Backyard Revolution’s home solar system. Did you know that fossil fuels created at least sixty-four percent of the total electricity generation in America? You can help lessen air pollution by utilizing green energy in your own small way.

  • A much affordable option to solar panel systems

You are very much aware of the fact that solar panels are amazing yet very costly. Typically, a solar panel system could cost approximately $13,888 after tax credits. The actual price of creating the Backyard Revolution system will vary from one person to another.

Bennett spent only $200 with his experience if you have some of the materials in your home, then you could save more money.

  • Doesn’t consume a lot of space

The vertical construction guarantees it wouldn’t use too much space on your property. You see, it only requires less than ten square feet, according to Bennett.

  • It’s simple to create and upkeep

Remember that you can also ask somebody to help you create this for free or for a cost. Nonetheless, you might not need to do that as the video tutorial provided is practical in presenting you with how to create this system. On top of that, it will only take you at least two hours or less to create it. Amazing, isn’t it?

  • Get money-back guarantee

The best part here is that you have two months to create the home solar system. That time frame would be enough to tell if you could save at least sixty-five percent on your energy bills. In case you’re not happy with the results, you can always call their customer support team to ask for a full refund.

alternative energy


  • It doesn’t have printed versions

As mentioned earlier, the program is available in a video format. Hence, you might want to see the video in case there’s something you don’t understand.

  • It might not power your entire residence

Bennett suggested people not to depend on Backyard Revolution to power their home. Keep in mind that it boils down to your existing and future electricity needs.

  • It’s not a physical product

The Backyard Revolution system is composed of a 30-minute long video. However, it doesn’t provide any physical product for its potential customers.

Bottom Line

The concept of creating a “green” power generator isn’t a one-of-a-kind concept. Nonetheless, the Backyard Revolution program stands out from the rest as it could help individuals lessen the solar efficiency of their panels.

It also helps them lessen the quantity of energy they need to purchase from their grid. Admit it; it’s also your first time encountering the idea of putting home solar system on top of one another in a zig-zag way to increase solar energy supplies and savings.

Alternatively, let’s also not forget that it’s not a foolproof mechanism. It may or may not provide electricity in your entire residence. That’s the reason you should still have another source of electricity.

To sum up, the Backyard Revolution is a brilliant option for those individuals who like to a dependable and affordable source of alternative energy. It helps them make a pollution-free setting and lessen the carbon footprint. With its 60-day money-back guarantee, it’s worth trying!

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