How to write an eBook: the method!

According to a study conducted among Booxup users in 2016, a mobile application for sharing books between individuals, 83% of people prefer paper books to eBooks or eBooks. This is due to the mistrust of readers. To attract them, it is essential to write quality content. But, how to write an eBook well? How to sell it on the internet?

Creating your eBook: research?

Research is an important step before writing the eBook. First of all, it is necessary to find a relevant subject, a real business issue. The goal is to be the first to publish an eBook on the topic. Then, the identification of the target readers is essential according to their age, their functions, their sectors, etc. It is also necessary to define one’s own objective. Is it a simple sharing of information, a sale or positioning as a market leader? Finally, you need to define a catchy title that will capture the attention of readers.

Choose a topic

Choosing a topic may seem difficult when you’re starting to create the eBook. However, the topic is not to be taken lightly, as it will define the rest of the eBook and the research that will be done. The simplest thing to do is to choose a topic that you are passionate about, a field that makes you feel comfortable. This will make it easier to fill the pages and illustrate the content. To do this, it is necessary to dig your own talents. It can be sports, science, medicine, psychology. Preferably, choose a theme that touches on everyday life. These subjects always interest even people who do not read much.

How do I write an ebook ( Gonna Need ebook creator ) ?

Front page

Having a good cover sheet is essential to give a good first impression of the eBook. As part of a real marketing strategy, the goal is always to sell well. For this reason, many authors put their images forward for visual marketing. Famous authors do this by displaying one of their most beautiful pictures at the beginning of the book, however, this is not an obligation. The most important thing is to enjoy yourself and to familiarize yourself with the reader at the beginning of the page. The front page should encourage the reader to continue reading.

Preface page / author’s introduction

For the preface, it is possible to write a content that resembles an author’s note or a text that introduces the topic in question. The reader should be guided step by step and told in a simple way. In addition, the author’s presentation should not be neglected. Many readers read the author’s biography before buying a book or not. It is a way of showing credibility. One should cite literary awards received, publications, articles already written, etc. Diplomas and professional experience should be mentioned if they are relevant to the subject matter.

Creation of eBook content

The content must be of high quality to attract the attention of readers. For this, it is essential to read as many articles as possible on the theme of the book. Most often, it is necessary to conduct interviews with experts in order to have relevant content, in addition, the text must be easy to scan. Simply use titles, subtitles, short paragraphs, lists, line breaks and margins to air out the content. At the end of the book, the ideal is to add a “Call To Action”, i.e. a proposal for a product test, a visit to a website, an appointment or other.

To create an interactive ebook or not?

The creation of an interactive content is a choice depending on the objective set beforehand. This option has the advantage of optimizing visibility on search engines. It also allows you to stand out, thanks to a captivating and personalized design. An interactive eBook is capable of enhancing the reading experience. It motivates the reader to become more engaged. In addition, interactive content is more animated and readers are not likely to get bored while reading, as long as they don’t overdo it.

Choice of font

The choice of font is important to optimize the readability of a digital book. The same applies to the selection of the size. The rule is simple. We must avoid using fonts that are too original and out of the ordinary, otherwise people will have difficulty reading. Some fonts tire the eyes quickly. For the number, it is recommended to choose a maximum of three different fonts, in order to keep some consistency. In this case, the first is for the title, the second for the body of the text and the third for the enumerations.

Colours and shaping

For a digital book, black is always preferable for better reading comfort. However, for titles, quotations or links to be distinguished, they can be written in a different colour. In this way, they will be highlighted. As regards formatting, it must be united for the elements, i.e. titles, enumerations and paragraphs. This justifies professionalism. In addition, it is essential to write a summary to guide the reader.

Choice of format

The choice of format is an important step in the creation of an eBook. The goal is to broaden the potential of readers. In other words, the book must be created on digital media that are simple to distribute, to meet several demands. In this way, a high level of readership can be achieved. You can choose PDF, Mobi or ePub formats.

Modernizing the image

Technology is developing at a rapid pace these days. As a result, readers appreciate products that are modern and meet their mobility and impulse needs. One should not hesitate to resort to the tools of image modernization, or writing, to keep up with the times. It is also a way to show readers the advantages of reading an eBook compared to traditional paper books.

Adding multimedia content

In order to attract attention, it is possible to add multimedia content such as graphics, pictures or photos. Another option is to put links that lead to videos or information. These are also ways to illustrate what is being said and to consolidate your arguments. In order not to disappoint readers who do not have Internet access, it is important to make sure that the links are just optional and not indispensable.

Publish an eBook

The best platforms to put an eBook online
There are many ways to publish an eBook online. If it is a free book, you can simply put it on your blog, online shop or on your own website. On the other hand, if the eBook is for sale, it must be published through a third party online platform. There are several such platforms, but among the most widely used are Amazon Kindle and Altramenta. To facilitate sharing, the book should be distributed to all contacts, whether colleagues, partners, customers or suppliers.

Selling an eBook on the Internet

To sell digital books on the internet, you have to choose a platform that offers this service. For example, you can find a lot of books for sale on The sale is easy and the steps vary from one site to another. Usually, you first have to upload the file to the site. You then write a title and a short description that defines the essential. The next step is to determine the price. Finally, all that is left to do is download the cover image, then you will receive a URL to sell the product. Don’t forget to indicate a Paypal bank account to receive the sales money.

Give an appointment to the readers

To make the launch a success, it is advisable to give the readers an appointment. To do so, pre-orders must be used. The positioning of the eBook in the ranking of online sales sites has a great influence on the success and visibility of the author. In order to have a good position right from the launch, it is strongly recommended to set a staggered publication date. That way, consumers will rush to place orders in advance for fear of not having one. The goal is to accumulate pre-orders.

Do a market study

In order to sell an e-book successfully, it is necessary to do a small market study, like large companies do. This method makes it possible to analyze the market situation in order to better adapt the book to the needs of the moment. The results of the study will make it possible to modify or improve aspects of the book, before the sale for example. This may lead to adding details, revising the design or other changes.

In conclusion, the creation of an eBook is not so different from that of a paper book. The principle remains the same at the page level. The distinction is just at the level of the content, which can be interactive in the case of the eBook. To have a quality book, you just have to choose an interesting theme, find inspiration and enjoy writing.

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