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11 Work From Home Jobs ? Paid Surveys Can be your best Solution

Work from home jobs are becoming a trend recently. These jobs allow anyone to work from the comfort of their living room and make money. These are jobs that supplement your primary income or help you foot some minor bills with the least effort. You can become our own boss, though you have heard that quite many times.

Why should you consider work at home jobs ?

·  These jobs require no special skills – work at home jobs such as taking paid surveys don’t need any prior experience or qualification.

·  You will enjoy flexibility – you don’t need to report to work at 8 am and leave when you can barely walk from sitting for long hours. These jobs allow you to dictate your own time to work. There are no specific working hours when you are taking paid surveys or any other work from home job.

·  Everyone is eligible – work from home jobs for moms are all over the internet. Everyone is eligible for these jobs as long as you meet the requirements, and you can avail some minutes or hours daily.

·  You answer to no boss – with work at home jobs, no boss or supervisor is breathing down your neck all day long. You are your own boss. There are no targets to meet except the ones you have set for yourself.

·  There are no deadlines to meet – deadlines can be very stressful, especially when your job is on the line. With work at home jobs like paid surveys, no one will dictate how much work should be done ad when it should be done.

·  There are no financial risks or costs – these jobs are not like an investment where you risk losing your life savings. They also require no capital or fees to start. You will also not live in fear of being replaced or fired. How much relief does that give?

·  Comfort – the best thing about work at home job is comfort. You can go on vacation and take your work with you. You can also work right from the middle of your bed or un view of your swimming pool. There is no pressure or long hours of work to make money online.

Who said you could not eat your cake and have it? The comfort of working at home results in even more productivity than working in an office setting.

work from home jobs

11 work from home jobs that require no experience

i.  Taking online surveys for money

Paid surveys are one of the easiest and most available jobs you can take from home.

They are an excellent channel to keep the income flowing, especially if you are a beginner in work at home jobs industry. What are online paid surveys all about?

Companies and upcoming industries appreciate opinions and views about their products. Such feedback is what they use to improve their products to increase their sales.

The best way to get this feedback is to partner with survey sites to get feedback for a small price. You will be paid to voice your opinions about their brands and make some money from it. Easy pays, right?

Paid surveys pay well if you are in the right demographics, and you meet the criteria of a particular survey. It’s vital to choose the best paid survey site for better earnings. If you take several surveys every day, you can make up to $250 a month.

ii.  Transcription

Transcription jobs are also very beginner-friendly as all you need to do is transcribe audio recordings. Companies will hire and pay you to listen to recordings and type what you hear with precision.

Some transcription work from home jobs pays between 15-25 dollars per hour, depending on the company. Transcribing medical and legal gigs pays even higher, but you need to have prior experience.

iii.  Mystery shopping

Secret shopping is another great work from home gig for beginners. It may not pay so much, but it can supplement your primary income. Mystery shopping offers two options, each which you will get paid for.

You can choose to work from home, answering calls, and answering questions or go shopping. The second option seems exciting if you love shopping, and you have no attachments at home.

Secret shopping involves going to designated shops and assessing the products of the company that hired you. You may be instructed to take photos, check the labeling on the shelf, talk to an attendant to gauge how much they know about the products, etc.

The earnings and options available depend on the company you are working for or the website you sign up for. It’s critical to choose the best mystery shopping sites.

iv.  Data entry

Data entry jobs are not the most available. These are opportunities truth come once in a blue moon (not quite literally), but they pay handsomely. There are excellent data entry companies that hire newbies and experts for good pay.

You will be paid to enter data, so if you have a computer or laptop lying around, time to get it to work. Ensure you apply very fast when the opportunity opens since they rarely come by and are very competitive.

v.  Website testing

There are many beginner-friendly gigs like website testing that require no skills expertise. All you need is the basic idea of how to navigate an app or website.

You will be paid to test and report their functionality. You also require a webcam and a microphone to share your thoughts after testing is over.

vi.  Freelancing

Are you good with words and creativity? Freelancing is a very lucrative work from home nob. All you need is a laptop and internet.

You need to complete projects, and then you get paid from it. You can get awesome freelance jobs on websites such as iWriter, Fiverr, and Upwork.

Freelance writers can also be hired by bloggers, other writers, websites, and magazines from their expertise in some topics. You can foot all your bills if you have time on your hands.

paid surveys

vii.  Social media manager

Imagine if you got paid for those hours you spend scrolling through social media platforms? It turns out you can make money from it.

Most bloggers and businesses don’t have the time to scroll through their social media platforms, answering queries from clients, and creating content.

Remember that social media is a very crucial tool in marketing and advertising. These platforms are a meeting point for most business owners and willing clients.

Social media managers are required to know everything about social media platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram.

They also need to be able to create systems to complete managing the traffic on the socials in the shortest time possible. You will be required to respond to messages, put up new posts, and such tasks.

viii.  Virtual assistant

The place of a virtual assistant will always remain significant thanks to coming businesses everywhere. Online business has become such a buzz, and the entrepreneurs could use some help in answering phone calls and reading emails.

Think of a virtual assistant job like an office job just not taken in the office. You will be tasked with doing everything a personal assistant can do.

As a virtual assistant, you will be required to answer phone calls and attend to angry customers and inquisitive ones all day. You also need to check the emails and reply to them with poise.

You may also be required to pay affiliates, organize records, schedule meetings, do some data entry, or whatever the job dictates. You can get such work from home jobs by contacting bloggers, online companies, or through some websites.

ix.  Proofreading

Don’t let your language skills go to waste when you can earn from proofreading. Authors and writers are often overwhelmed by the workload to read through scripts and writing work, looking for minor mistakes.

You can get hired by bloggers, website owners, eBook writers, and freelancers to proofread the content on their website.

x.  Translator

Are you proficient in any second language(s) and would like to make some money? Translating pays more than most work at home jobs depending on the language because it’s a skill not possessed by many.

There are many job opportunities in companies and websites that connect translators with those who need the service. You will also benefit from regularly practicing the second language and improving the skill.

xi.  Dog walking/sitting

If you love dogs and wouldn’t mind sitting more than one, then dog walking or dog sitting can pay the bills. Some dog owners don’t have the time to spend caring for their pets because of busy schedules.

However, they don’t let that get in the way of providing great care for their pooches, and that’s where a dog walker and sitter is needed.

If you know anyone in your neighborhood with dogs and a busy schedule, you may get a job there. These work from home jobs are also available on websites that connect busy dog owners with willing walkers.


Make money online working from home with the work from home jobs we have discussed above.

Also always thank God for all opportunities provided by God to us and take help of prayer for finances to help you get your financial breakthrough.

You can make money working from home at the comfort of your couch. Start today!

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