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Prayer For Finances : Read these “Money Prayers” to start living the luxury lifestyle you REALLY want.



Prayer is a powerful weapon to get everything you need from the SUPREME GOD. Generally, there are quite a number of individuals who made prayed in the bible, and clearly, we can see their fruits and the SOVEREIGN LORD answering their prayers. This means that God is faithful, and he fulfills the desires of HIS children so that they can be filled with joy.

Before I outline the prayer, let me first point out that for our prayers to get answered, we must obey the LORD ordinances and commands and walk in HIS ways. Therefore if we are disobedient and our hearts are full of sin, our iniquities will hinder the JESUS from listening to our prayers. Unless you first repent, then your prayers ( prayer for finances ) may not get answered.

 Secondly, believe that God will answer your prayers (faith). Anyone can pray. You do not need your pastor or anyone to intercede for you; this is why when we check the list of the gifts, GOD, as, given HIS children, we don’t find praying as a gift. That means that everyone can pray regardless of who you are. Prayers will always make you distinct from others.

Characters like Elijah, prayed not to taste death and GOD answered his prayer (or prayer for finances ), Joseph prayed that whatever he touches to multiply and the LORD responded to his prayers, David prayed for victory and GOD won victories for him, I can go on and on the list is endless.

prayer for finances


I can recommend one to fast for three days as you make this prayer for finances . Use this prayer for finances to help you get out of debts and make your pockets get more money.

·LORD JESUS I surrender all my work, project and plans to you ALMIGHTY, I pray that you will bless the work of my hands in ten folds in JESUS NAME.

·GOD, you are powerful, what can’t you do my LORD? The heavens, rivers, mountains bows down when you speak, and ALMIGHTY FATHER one yes from you is enough to change all the situations LORD, o LORD have mercy on me and remove for me this mountain of the money crisis, in JESUS NAME.

·Our LORD, you are a consuming fire, let your fire consume every financial bareness in my life in JESUS NAME.

·LORD every plan of the enemy to put me in the money desert situation I torch and destroy his plans in JESUS NAME, and I illuminate your LIGHT LORD to every department of my financial generation in JESUS MIGHTY NAME.

·ALMIGHTY LORD you work mysteriously and you turnaround situations for Your GLORY LORD, show mercy on me and turn around every kind of debt and pay my bills and liabilities that are pending for me in JESUS NAME.

·LORD, you have said that your children will never be ashamed and will never get desperate because YOU are a FATHER who cares for us, JESUS pull us out of this desperation of lack of money in JESUS MIGHTY NAME.

·All evil and satanic forces holding our money, we release it from their hands in JESUS MIGHTY NAME.

·Every money that was lost to the enemy or that the enemy stole from me, I claim it back in ESUS MIGHTY NAME.

·I declare that every plan of the devil to cause financial stagnation and hold down my destiny will never succeed because I am under the LORD’s pavilion in JESUS MIGHTY NAME. amen


This prayer ( prayer for finances ) will be guided by a verse in the bible from 1 chronicles 4.

prayer for finances

We know not much about Jabez, but we came to know him because of the prayer he made. And I pray that through the power of this prayer that regions, counties, and countries will know you in JESUS NAME.

·LORD expand my territories and my financial coasts so that I can help the poor and bring justice to the oppressed in JESUS MIGHTY NAME.

·ALMIGHTY do not let me be ashamed or let my children even in the future generation to beg on the streets or borrow in JESUS NAME.

·LORD let your wisdom fall upon me in abundance so that everything I plan to do will generate and manifest a large amount of riches that will be used to serve YOU and bring joy in my house in JESUS MIGHTY NAME.

·LORD bless my hands so that everything that I will my hands on to expand and multiply in ten folds like the way you blessed Jabez in JESUS MIGHTY NAME.

·LORD, let me never beg but always lend in JESUS MIGHTY NAME.

·Let money and financial prosperity be my second name IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME.

·I torch, confuse, trample, and destroy every satanic force causing financial stagnation in my projects and my life in JESUS NAME.

·LORD forgive me for any act of injustice I did to the windows, needy and orphans that hurt them and caused a delay in my financial prosperity in JESUS MIGHTY NAME.

·JESUS through your name, the sick get healed, the dead get risen, the lame are raised: thus through JESUS NAME, I declare prosperity and financial blessings in my house today and forever.

·LORD victory belongs to you and wins this battle of financial blessing for me, ALMIGHTY LORD.

·LORD, I declare that my blessings and every money that I will ever make will be genuine and from true sources so that it can’t haunt or cause curses to my children or my family in JESUS MIGHTY NAME.

·ALMIGHTY lead my walk and paths in the direction of financial blessings highways in the alignment of YOUR will in JESUS MIGHTY NAME.

·LORD, I say this prayer with faith and trust, and I believe that it’s done in JESUS MIGHTY NAME, amen amen.


For the LORD, ways are not like of a man, and he will answer our prayers and show us great and hidden things we do not know. Our LORD never changes, and nothing shakes him, nothing catches him by surprise, and everything happens out of love for those who are called by HIS name. Pray and believe, and the LORD who turns situations will turn your pain into joy in JESUS NAME. Amen.

Otherwise, be safe.

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