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Analytics is the future

Every customer contact is an opportunity to identify an emotional trigger. It occurs not necessarily when a customer’s issue is resolved, but beforehand, perhaps when an earlier contact interaction has failed or during a resolution . If the emotional trigger can be identified and acted on, then the customer begins to feel cared for and experience the value of the brand.

A shift in focus is required from the success or failure of isolated customer interactions, to the success or failure of personalised, integrated customer journeys. The goal should be creating genuine business value. Enhance that focus by understanding your customers’ emotional triggers, to which analytics holds the key.

Analytics, will be key in the next 5 years, but 40% have no capability

2015 Contact Centre Benchmarking Report – View here

​You can expect our analytics solutions to deliver

Top-line revenue growth from higher customer satisfaction and loyalty due to your responsiveness to customer’s needs.

Improved visibility of the effectiveness of business and operations initiatives.

Increased employee productivity by identifying and correcting process and system inefficiencies.

Lower operating costs by adjusting customer interactions to align with trending customer behaviours.

Lower cost to serve through the ability to predict customer needs and avoid unnecessary inbound calls or deflect them to lower cost channels.

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