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CX strategy and innovation

CX recognised as a clear differentiator

It’s dominating the service revolution as organisations go beyond…‘go digital or die‘

Innovation shapes expectation. Old ways of doing things are now unacceptable. We’re seeing business transformation reshaping the way companies do business, driven by the power of the consumer, and by new, disruptive, but innovative organisations that have unsettled many established markets. Digital isn’t yet to transform how we consume services and engage with organisations; it has done so already. It can also do more. And our research shows that digital channels are often failing as a result of a missing human touch.

Omnichannel CXs – based on a clear understanding of where a customer journey can be personalised, when appropriate – are the future, with technology solutions developing so swiftly, that the future is now. Zero-defect, end-to-end encounters across connected interaction points are a core expectation. The solution’s design and effectiveness are the differentiators, and it’s here that people are often failing the technology.  

Visionaries have already initiated a mind shift in which digital technology is enabling the art of the possible.

Organisations are acknowledging that, by focusing on CX, they can drive revenue, improve loyalty, and reduce their costs through greater efficiency. As organisations use improved data analytics to prove these points more frequently, their intent to deliver CX becomes a reality. 

CX now has a significant impact on the value of an organisation’s brand. It’s also a stated differentiator for 82.5% of businesses. The omnichannel ideal leverages technology that creates a well-designed dynamic customer journey that’s personalised, proactive, and informed by real-time data.

‘Good’ CX is designed by people, with people in mind. ‘Good’ is not a standalone technology channel.  ‘Good’ is a CX that provides customers with highly productive choices that are impressively easy to access and deliver.